Hey, everyone! So, as promised in my previous post, we're working hard on getting v2.6 out, which will include full Snow Leopard support.

Over 140 people are currently testing the current Beta, and save for a few relatively minor problems things have been going very well.

I had based our general schedule on the typical "shipping in September means September 32nd" Apple schedule, but it seems that this time Apple's decided that "shipping in September" means "shipping in August". Go figure.

We're working as fast as we can to get our testing done so we can get the new version out to you. And it doesn't just have Snow Leopard support in it. A few things we've added:

  1. Backup on connect
    When you click Schedule..., you can either schedule a timed backup, or tell SuperDuper! to back up when a given drive is connected to your Macintosh, or both.
  2. Eject after copy
    You can now set an "On successful completion" action to eject the destination drive after the copy has been completed.

By combining those two options, you can set it so that SuperDuper! backs up a drive when you connect it, and then ejects it when done. Pretty convenient!

Of course, we didn't stop there... more later! Back to testing!

(Sorry that I've turned comments off for this post. Last time we released an update around the time of an OS release, my server got totally overloaded/whacked sending out blog responses to everyone who commented. It's not that I don't want to hear from you—feel free to head to the forums or send email.)