Zabeth and I are off to Chicago for a friend’s wedding, which means Shirt Pocket support is going to be a bit slow until the 5th: sorry to all those who are waiting more than a few minutes for answers…

This is actually the first time in nearly two years that Z and I have been able to go anywhere together. Z’s Vet School obligations and my own business get in the way, of course, but—for the most part—our fuzzy family member Ketzl has been the constraint: taking care of her is just too much to ask of anyone.

Zabeth’s classmate Lee, though, was kind enough to take her for a few days while we’re gone, and since this isn’t an entirely frivolous trip, we’re off. Lee has really gone well beyond the call of duty here, and we’re truly grateful to her and her boyfriend for their willingness to help us out—if they’re reading this, thanks! I hope we can make it up to you somehow.

Wish us, Lee, and Ketzl luck! grin